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Credit Sweep offers customized dispute letters to make managing your score worry free.

  • Our process will help you maximize your credit score.
  • Credit Sweep’s innovative do it yourself will help you understand how credit score algorithm works.
  • Credit Sweep is here to educate you on the credit score management process to help remove errors and all inaccuracies reported on your credit profile.
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Debt Settlement Offer to Dismiss Court Judgment

This fully customizable letter addresses the issue of how to settle a debt following a legal judgment.


Dispute Investigation

This investigation dispute letter provides a request for an additional credit investigation if results from the first investigation are met with disagreement.


Frivolous Dispute Letter

If it is discovered that a credit reporting bureau is providing inaccurate or incomplete credit information it may have negative consequences on your ability to be approved.


Reaffirming Debt After Bankruptcy

This debt reaffirmation letter acknowledges debt that continues to be owed to a creditor following a bankruptcy.


Removal of Errors

If after receiving a credit report it is discovered that errors are being reported, you have a right to contest the errors.



  • We help you achieve your optimal credit profile by making the credit score management process, seamless, individualised, and effective.
  • Keep The Real You Safe and Secure With Our Credit Monitoring Protection.
  • We use latest encryption technology to offer a full suite of account alerts, multiple layers of identity and fraud protection.
  • We have relationships with several business financing institutions and know each of their individual requirements and criteria, so we can help you become eligible for the best business line of credit as quickly as possible.
  • We provide you the greatest access to real useable, no-personal-guarantee credit through our revolutionary Building Business and Beyond program.


Great service, my credit went from a 500 to a 699 within 6 months. I highly recommend Credit Sweep.

Amanda Gonzalez

Credit Sweep is great, they assisted me with managing my credit profile by helping to understand the how to read my credit report and manage it myself. My score has increased by 80pts.

Joshua Petalas

Kudus to Credit Sweep, great efficient dispute letters!

Matt Kempler

My credit was terrible but thanks to Credit Sweep I am slowly increasing my score with there DYI system. I highly recommend them.

Sarah Klein

My score has gone up with their DYI credit score management process and I just brought a new house. Credit Sweep to the rescue.

Samantha Borges