Any use of this application will constitute acceptance of the following terms and conditions. These terms provide a guideline for acceptable use of the application and any letters used.

Any use of the credit-Sweep Dispute report letters outside their intended purpose is prohibited.

All Credit-Sweep Disputes application participants agree not to sell, duplicateor use the credit report letters for any reason other than to file a credit claim.Reselling of letters is strictly prohibited.

Credit-Sweep Disputes cannot guarantee resolution to a disputed claim.

In using this application the user acknowledged Credit-Sweep Disputes is an independent consulting service and not in any way affiliated with a specific credit bureau or organization. Because of this, Credit-Sweep Disputes cannotbe held accountable if a claim is denied or the outcome of a claim does not align with the user’s expectation.

Credit-Sweep Disputes provides template letters, it is solely the responsibilityof the application user to provide clear and accurate information before submitting a letter to a credit bureau.

Credit-Sweep Disputes is not responsible for the outcome of the dispute letter.

Application users agree not to post any vital personal information online in association with the credit letters, including, but not limited to social securitynumber, government ID information, military ID information, visa information, etc.

Once a letter is downloaded for the express purpose of resolving a credit dispute, the application user takes responsibility of the letter, its contents and all associated information.

By downloading a letter, application users agree not to take any legal action against Credit-Sweep Disputes in relation to the credit report disputation.

If a letter is used improperly, it is the application user’s responsibility to amend the use and the application user incurs any cost associated with the improper use.